Tin Nghia rolls out "red carpet" to call for investments in its industrial estates

For twenty six years of development since its inception in 1989, Tin Nghia has become one of the Dong Nai’s largest business enterprises and used to be selected as one of the Vietnam’s top 200 businesses by UNDP. In 2014, Tin Nghia was rated the 83th of the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam voted by VNR and is one of 63 enterprises winning the award of National Brand. Currently, Tin Nghia is operating on main fields of business: Development of industrial estate infrastructure, warehouse, multimodal transport, Logistics, Petrol & Oil, Gas, Agro-product processing & Merchandising.

Of the core business fields, Development of industrial estate infrastructure is highly appreciated by Vietnam and foreign business community, Tin Nghia has invested 8 Industrial Parks in Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau province with a total area of 3,500 hectares. Up to now, Tin Nghia’s Industrial Park has attracted nearly 200 enterprises with a total investment capital nearly 5 billion USD. In 2014 and the first 6 months of 2015, the Corporation attracted 35 investors in Industrial Park with a total investment capital over 350 million USD, leading the amount of attracting investment in Dong Nai province.

As one of leading investors in the business infrastructure of Industrial Park of Dong Nai and the country, Tin Nghia Corporation is interested not only in the business but also in environmental protection. Currently, Tin Nghia Corporation has invested in construction and put the concentrated wastewater treatment plant into operation and gained good result, moreover, having ensured regulatory standards before the waste is discharged into the environment, including: Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park in phase 1 and phase 2, Tam Phuoc Industrial Park, An Phuoc Industrial Park, Ong Keo Industrial Park, and Tan Phu Industrial Park...

Besides ensuring adequate capacity to handle the entire volume of wastewater to achieve national technical standards on environment, Tin Nghia Corporation is the first enterprise in the province to install the observational stations in mostly Industrial Park invested by Tin Nghia. Automatic observational system shall control the quality of wastewater after treatment at the outlet to timely provide data on outlet wastewater statistics at Tin Nghia’s Industrial Park to the authorities. This system will help environmental managers quickly alert, help us detect and remedy timely.

With the goal of sustainable development, market expansion, active in opportunity seeking for investment, besides maintenance of trade promotion activities such as contact with investors through the Consulates, Trade Counselors, the Company also is subjected to participation in delegations of provincial investment promotion in other countries... Corporation has been actively organizing trade promotion organizations in many countries, introducing the projects of the Corporation and inviting investors to visit to attract investment into Tin Nghia’s Industrial Park. It has attracted many foreign clients to visit, learn and invest in Industrial Park, especially Japanese and Korean clients.

Currently, under the guidelines of the Government and Dong Nai province boosting investment from Japan, Tin Nghia is taking step by step to promote the development of support services for small and medium Japanese enterprises in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park - phase 2 and An Phuoc Industrial Park, actively support for investors in the implementation of projects in these Industrial Parks.

Project of built workshops “Japanese SMEs Center” in Nhon Trach 3 IP with the aim of maximum support and favorable conditions for small and medium enterprises in Japan has received positive support from leaders of Dong Nai province and JICA, Japan. In order to attract Japanese enterprises, Tin Nghia is developing dedicated services for the Japanese as Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, health centers, housing for experts at the service area... (51 hectares) in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park - phase 2 and "Japanese Village" in Eastern Saigon Urban Area about for 4 km away from there. In addition, pursuant to the decision of the Prime Minister, Tin Nghia is a pioneer appointed to develop subdivision of support IP, in other words, An Phuoc IP. Investors in implementing projects in this Industrial Park will receive special incentives on Corporate Income Tax, and land rental... In Tan Phu IP, 5 year infrastructure for investors has been provided free of cost by Tin Nghia Corporation since 2013. This is a big incentive of Tin Nghia Corporation for investors to invest and stabilize production and business.

Tin Nghia are trying best to create the most transparent, attractive and favorable investment environment, with the motto “Good earth for birds to land”. It can be said that with the achievements over 26 years of construction and development, Tin Nghia not only drives out the company to become a large corporation with its comprehensive infrastructure system of Industrial Park, creates jobs for tens of thousands of workers, but also makes a significant contribution to the socioeconomic development of the local and country.

by NCV