Long Thanh Industrial Zone: New Models – Oustanding advantages- An Attractive investment decision

Long Thanh Industrial Zone (Long Thanh industrial park) located in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province, was established in October 2003, thanks to the investment made by Sonadezi Long Thanh Joint Stock Company. This is the result of a combination of 20 years business experience of Sonadezi, who is a very successful company in the field of investment, development of the industrial park and the development of many other business functions in  Dong Nai.

With a total area of 488 ha, Long Thanh Industrial Park (IP) is seen as an entirely new model of urban industries, with many distinct advantages in comparison with other IPs, due to the combination of space for industrial park with space for residential areas, parks and other services. This IP has a very favorable position;

Located in the southern key economic region, which is the significant area of economic, political, security and defense. The area has mid climate and is very convenient in terms of traffic as being the link for many important roads and highways run across the country. This is an important focal point for economic development - social development as well as the development for trade commerce and industry. Long Thanh industrial park is located on the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Highway, National Route 51 connecting between Vung Tau and Bien Hoa, only 11 km away from the Long Thanh international airport, and 45km away from Tan Son Nhat Airport, 55 km away from Thi Vai - Cai Mep port, which is the largest deepest water port of Vietnam, and only 30 to 35 km in radius to Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai port system,

Long Thanh Industrial Park is also home for the application of new ideas of planners. This industrial park is arranged into distinct functional areas, which takes into account factors that affected residential and industrial zones, including construction of buildings, the operations center, other services and technical infrastructure. Long Thanh Industrial Park is invested entirely and completely in infrastructure systems, including power systems investment of two 63MVA power station 22kV power range. About Telecommunication system, the industrial park has built IDD telephone operator switchboard 3750 numbers and stations of 8Mbps ADSL broadband internet. The water supply has capacity of 20.000m³/day and night, from Thien Tan water plants. Especially, Long Thanh Industrial Park has built wastewater treatment system with capacity of 20.000m³/day and night, and has deployed to enhance 10.000m³/day capacity and is building the module 3 with a capacity of 5.000 m³/day and night, meet the Standard QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT. Until now, Long Thanh Industrial Park has attracted 83 investors from  various countries and regions around the world such as Taiwan, South Korea, France, USA, Japan, Australia, ... with a total investment of 983 million dollars , typically by large investors such as Robert Bosch Vietnam, Vietnam Olympus, Ajinomoto Vietnam, Vietnam Acrowel ... All are operating effectively. Call for further  investments the Long Thanh Industrial Park aims at attracting high-tech industry, ancillary industries, information technology and communication technology, computer software, microelectronic electronics, precise mechanics and engineering, electronics and optical, automation, new materials technology, nano technology, environmental technology, new energy technologies.

In line with the completion of the infrastructure of industrial zones, Sonadezi Long Thanh continues its mission to deploy 5 residential area projects (RA) in Dong Nai province. They are Phuoc Lai RA, Trang Bom RA, Tam An RA, An Hoa RA, An Binh II RA. Especially, the Tam An RA is the RA located in the land allocation for  Long Thanh Industrial Park- urban model- to serve officers and staff who work in Long Thanh Industrial Park. Tam An RA are designed in a modern infrastructure, including utilities, houses, schools, health centers, parks, entertainment, sports, culture center ...

To ensure sustainable development, Sonadezi Long Thanh continues to implement the project with key products, which are industrial real estate, residential real estate such as a tourist city along the Dong Nai River with 200 ha in area, Long Phuoc industrial clusters and also invests in Chau Duc Industrial Park in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province with 2,200 ha in area, including residential area, industrial park and the Saigon luxury service.

With many unique advantages, clear mechanisms, incentives, open attractive investment options, modern infrastructure, convenient and favorable natural geographical location, Long Thanh Industrial Park is increasingly appeal for domestic and foreign investors.

by NCV