Immersed in Iris Homes' elevated design

Immersed in Iris Homes' elevated design

Photo: Gamuda

Rarely can a project create an integrated ecological green area like Gamuda Gardens Township.

Vietnam’s real estate market is gradually catching up with the global trend of “green architecture” but rarely does a project create an integrated ecological green area like Gamuda Gardens Township in Hanoi’s Hoang Mai district. Its Iris Homes product  is where luxury homes meet excellent design and perfect greenery in every detail.

The superiority of Iris Homes within the Gamuda Gardens Township lies in providing owners with exactly what they want in a private residence in Hanoi. All details are designed with the utmost care, from the appeal of the exterior of the house to the connectivity, space utilization, and interior flair, and how homeowners can enjoy daily life.

Iris Homes focuses on building proficient architecture that helps save energy and is environmentally friendly, right within the city of Hanoi. Its style provides a healthy living and working space, while enhancing quality of life and increasing future value of the house.

Spacious and full of natural energy, Iris Homes carries within itself a consistent “green spirit”, from its name to the landscape planning of the whole area and the design of each unit.

The uniqueness of Iris Homes’ design is its emphasis on energy solutions, taking full advantage of natural light and breezes, creating a resonant positive environment full of energy for homeowners. Stemming from the idea of bringing harmony to architectural design, each Iris Homes unit is filled with green details, including a fresh garden in the front yard and beautiful flower bushes around the balconies and windows.

At the same time, green solutions and a large anti-heat roof system reducing direct radiation from the sun into the house provide a fresh airy space inside, even on hot summer days, keeping room temperatures pleasant.

Meanwhile, architects have mastered the overall layout of the house by planning a reasonable floor area so that the garden in front of the house can accommodate car parking, while the backyard garden can be utilized as a BBQ area.

At Iris Homes, each house has a width from 7 meters and a depth from 21 meters, built to a moderate height of 3.5 stories. The layout of each unit is designed to optimize the area, creating convenient connections between floors. The floor plan is meticulously arranged to give people sitting in the living room, dining room and kitchen a frontal view of the garden on the first floor, while all bedrooms are interconnected with open balconies and loggias on the second and third floors.

Not only bringing customers a homely haven, Iris Homes also offers a high standard of living with the ultimate amenities, so that everyone can enjoy activities outside their home. The surrounding area is decorated with green grass and luscious trees, creating a relaxing space ideal for family picnics, BBQs on the weekend, or just simply strolling, cycling, or playing sport after a hard day’s work. Gamuda Gardens Clubhouse, with its Olympic-standard swimming pool, modern spa and gym areas, as well as comprehensive educational system such as Singapore International School (SIS), allow residents and the young generation to live a healthy, balanced and sustainable life.

Iris Homes is truly a place of happiness, where families can enjoy peaceful moments of relaxation and shake off daily worries while immersed in nature every day.

On the Introduction Day for Iris Homes, Sunday, May 28, at Clubhouse, Gamuda Gardens Township, Gamuda Land will offer customers purchasing Iris Homes exclusive rebate of up to 10 per cent, a two-year Clubhouse Membership, and free M&O services for two years.

Additionally, in celebration of Gamuda Land Vietnam’s tenth anniversary, customers who purchase properties at Gamuda Gardens, including Iris Homes, will have the chance to win several attractive prizes, including Mercedes Benz car, Piaggio motorcycle, iPhone 7Plus, Samsung 60-inch TV, and many more.

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by Long Van