Good news from Vietnam’s robot industry

Though Vietnam still doesn’t have a real robot industry, several enterprises have created useful products for the market.

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After a year of working for a US-based robot company which has an office in Vietnam, Truong Trong Toai, a graduate of the HCMC University of Technology, left Vietnam for South Korea to study for a master’s degree. He returned to Vietnam to set up a robot manufacturing company called Robotics 3T.

Though Vietnam still doesn’t have a real robot industry, several enterprises have created useful products for the market.

Operating since 2014, Toai’s company specializes in developing robots and industrial robotic systems which are cost-effective and creative in configuration and technological solutions, satisfying the demand of automation production.

Recently, a robot kit developed by VN Robotics received official acceptance from the HCMC Department of Science & Technology. The product can satisfy the demand of  youth for studying, researching and entertainment thanks to its openness, which allows users to assemble and develop different apps for race cars, self-propelled vehicles that can avoid obstacles, and remote control cars and football playing robots.

The product is estimated to have production costs of $30-80 depending on the complexity of the configuration, while imports are priced at $60-150.

VN Robotics was established in 2012 with investment from companies and individuals who work in the electronics & automation industry, including AKB Machinery, Logicom Vietnam and others.

With a focus on the field of automation, VN Robotics develops key products such as industrial robot arms and model robots used in teaching, self-propelled robots, toy robots and other automation devices.

VN Robotics’ products are designed with a localization rate of over 90 percent.

A representative of VN Robotics said there is high demand for robot kits for electronic self-learning and smart toys.

Imports are very expensive and not complex, reserved mostly for children under 10 years old.

VN Robotics decided to provide products with competitive prices (about VND3 million) for users at the ages of 10-25.

The existing barriers including poor technical infrastructure, the underdevelopment of support industries and small markets have not prevented young people from pursuing the robot manufacturing field for a long time.

Tosy is the best known Vietnamese toy robot. It is run by Ho Vinh Hoang, who was the head of the Robocon team of the Hanoi University of Technology. Tosy products have hit the international market through large toy distribution and retail chains.

In the US, Tosy’s products are available at ToysUs and Walmart. The products are also distributed through Amazon and Tosy’s online sale channel.

Kim Chi / vienamnet

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