Du Du village – the essence of sculpture

Du Du village in Thanh Thuy commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi is a trade village that has preserved the essence of the traditional sculpture over many generations.

With their skillful hands, the craftsmen in the village have created unique sculptures including products for decoration, furniture and wooden statues.

In addition to meeting the domestic demand, Du Du village’s sculptures are exported to China, Taiwan (China) and many other Southeast Asian countries.

Wooden statues are sculptured in various shapes including as the Maitreya Buddha and Bodhisattva.

 The ancestor of traditional sculpture craft is worshipped at Du Du village’s temple.

               Craftsman Do Dinh Hien meticulously carves wooden products.

The wood materials are taken from the Central Highland region and can change colour throughout the seasons.

                            The kit of the sculptors in Du Du village

                               A craftsman is sculpting a wooden statue.

  Du Du village’s craftsmen use machines in some stages of shaping their products.

                               Sophisticated patterns on wooden products

Over 90% of Du Du villagers have dedicated their lives to sculpture. Old sculptors share their valuable experience with younger generation in order to preserve the traditional craft.

                             A craftswoman is creating beautiful sculptures.

Du Du village’s products are exported to China and many other Southeast Asian countries.

With skillful hands, Du Du villagers have made lively and soulful sculptures from precious wood.

             A sculpture in the shape of Bodhisattva