Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone Ready to Support Investors to Have Best Investment Performance

In addition to favourable location and convenient traffic connectivity, Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone has a complete infrastructure, synchronous services, a standard investment environment, and investment preference and support policies. These factors have generated a strong appeal for the industrial zone among investors.

Mr Duong Dien Thuan, General Director of Dai An Sai Gon Joint Stock Company, the owner of Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone, said that a competitive edge of Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone is complete and modern infrastructure system. To have an international standard infrastructure, to meet expectations and provide opportunities for customers, Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone always focuses on quality infrastructure construction, particularly power grid, water supply and drainage, wastewater treatment, and traffic infrastructure maintenance. It has also put a premium on creating a green, clean, beautiful and environment-friendly production and working environment. “We have built and developed technical infrastructure as planned, ensured operations of functional areas, complied with natural ecological rules to limit negative impacts on the environment when there is no need to change. In addition, the industrial zone has taken advantage of existing environmental values such as landscape, human resources and natural resources and positively promoted these values in a controlled manner to make sure that those resources have a relative balance. To have a green industrial zone model, we also pay close attention to treating wastewater and wastes, aiming to create an ecological balance for the region and to ensure a healthy environment for humans,” he said.

Not only having a ready technical infrastructure, utilities are also well provided inside and outside the industrial zone, helping tenants to deploy their projects immediately after they get licensed. Furthermore, Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone has a land fund for utility services such as accommodations for workers and experts, bonded warehouses, clinics, banks, post and telecommunication service and river ports to take better care of workers and sharpen the competitive edges of the industrial zone.

With a favourable location for goods circulation, a good technical infrastructure, a professional support network and a good marketing policy, Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone has to date attracted many investors. Most investors said they chose Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone to locate their projects because it has a good technical infrastructure and a fast licensing time in addition to utilities for investors. Specifically, tenants are provided with best facilities to do business like competitive rents and flexible payment methods, reasonable factory construction costs, tax incentive and investment support policies on construction and employment. Remarkable utilities and support services have made tenants more confident in their long-term investment and development plans. “Investing in Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone, tenants not only receive support from the industrial zone to deal with investment procedures and many other services in the course of carrying out their projects, but also receive active support from local authorities which are ready and quick to solve business issues,” said Mr Thuan.

To bring its strengths into full play, Dai An Sai Gon Industrial Zone will continue to improve its green, clean, sustainable and environment-friendly infrastructure; continuously enhance service quality provided and support customers and investors to a maximum. Furthermore, the zone has selectively licensed domestic and investors. “The goal of Dai An Sai Gon Joint Stock Company is not only attracting FDI capital, but also aiming to balance investment attraction with sustainable environmental protection. For that reason, we always carefully weigh up licensed projects and give priority to projects using advanced technologies, modern equipment and machinery that are friendly to the environment and responsible to community and society,” said Mr Duong Dien Thuan.

Thanh Tung